Retaj Delegation Arrive in Lithuania for International Project with Georgia

Retaj Women have safely arrived in Lithuania!

Lithuania on the map.

Retaj Foundation for Palestinian Women is honored to participate in the international project “Women in (post)Conflict Situations” organized by the Center for Equality Advancement (Republic of Lithuania, EU).

Women from Palestine, Georgia, and Lithuania will spend the week together learning from each other and sharing experiences. The programme is packed with workshops, meetings, lectures, and discussions.

Georgia on the map.

Today 15 September 2015 at the opening evening project delegations presented their countries – Lithuania, Palestine, and Georgia with videos, talks, and food. Palestinian zaatar, bread, and olive oil was very well received.

Presentation by the Director of the Center for Equality Advancement.
Presentation by the Georgian delegation.
Retaj Delegation.
Presentation by the Palestinian Delegation.
Palestinian presentation.
Palestinian traditional food – taboun bread, olive oil, zaatar and olives.
First evening of the conference. Guests include representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.
With guests.