Asira Children’s Summer Camp 2015!

Summer camps in Palestine are a time when children gather together in an informal environment for a week or two during summer holidays.

This week more than 100 Asira’s children are enjoying such a camp, organized by Retaj. They are attending various workshops and learning by non-formal education methods – games, role plays, creative and sports workshops.

Official Asira summer camp's T-shirt by Retaj.

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Music Harvest Show in Nablus

On Saturday 25th April Retaj children gathered in Nablus to participate in a graduation show organized by Music Harvest, where they presented songs the children themselves have written and recorded.

All the songs created by children and teenagers at five cultural centres in Nablus can be found online here with free download available.

Palestine Lovers is a song by Retaj children:

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Bubbling with the Wind

Having outsmarted the rain, children of Asira today were busy bubbling. Using home-made tools (dish-washing liquid, water, sugar, baking powder, glycerin, rope, and sticks) they created colorful flying soap bubbles… and a huge mess in the Retaj center. Lots of fun and beautiful childhood moments.

The playful activity was carefully documented by dedicated photojournalists and film-makers from the Asira Retaj Children Team. Here:
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