Sebastiya Here We Come!

On Sunday 18th January 2015 children of Asira went on a field-trip to Sebastiya, a village with a huge Roman heritage, just north of Nablus city. None of them had been there before, and thus learning of their heritage as the people of Palestine was very exciting.

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VIDEO: We Travel Palestine – On Camera

At 8 am that sunny Sunday morning 18 children gathered at Retaj, waiting for the bus to take them on a field trip to Sebastiya, a Roman village north of Nablus. A half-hour away from their native Asira, none of the children had been to Sebastiya before.

In high spirits and with backpacks full of home-made sandwiches, the children were waiting impatiently for the day to start, a day that would take them to Sebastiya, a soap factory in Nablus, and an urban park filled with swings and sunshine. Continue reading