Georgian Women, Rural Women

This article is written by Marina Tabukashvili from the Taso Foundation, Georgia. Marina together with five other Georgian women participated in the Sharing for Empowerment project organized by the Lithuanian Center for Equality Enhancement, in which Retaj are also partners. Please scroll down for pictures from Georgia.

Georgian Women, Rural Women

I am the director of a women’s national fund. I have been in this line of work for fifteen years. Since 2004, we have been working in villages, with rural, conflict-affected, internally displaced, and ethnic minority women, and this entitles me to speak not only about but also on behalf of these women. Continue reading

First Report of Asira TV: Trucks in the village

لقد أمتلأت شوارع قرية عصيرة القبلية (جنوبي مدينة نابلس، فلسطين) بالشاحنات التي تحمل الحجارة لعدة أشهر، وخلقت المشاكل المرورية والتي تشكل خطرا على تلاميذ المدارس الذين، يميلون إلى اللعب في شوارع القرية التي تفتقر إلى المرافق المناسبة،. واستمرار تدفق الشاحنات من وإلى المحجر القريب أيضا يلوث الهواء ويسبب صعوبات في التنفس للمرضى وكبار السن، والأطفال.
هذا هو التقرير الأول للفيديو الذي أدلى به أبناء عصيرة الذين يحضرون ورش عمل الفيديو في مركز المجتمع المحلي ريتاج.

The streets of Asira al-Qibliya village (south of Nablus, Palestine) have been filled with stone-carrying trucks for several months, creating traffic problems and posing danger to schoolchildren who, lacking proper amenities, tend to play in the street. The constant flow of trucks to and from the nearby quarry also pollutes the air and causes breathing difficulties for the sick, the elderly, and the children.

This is the first video report made by children of Asira who attend video workshops at the local community center Retaj.

Stay tuned.